Update or cancel a subscription

If you have an active subscription to a course though the Ruzuku platform, you can update, cancel, or check the status of your course subscription at any time through your Ruzuku account.

Inside the course, click the "Course Preferences" icon at the bottom of the left-side menu.

Once on that page, scroll down to the "Payment details" section:

To update your credit card information, click "change" and to check on your upcoming payment(s), you can also see that in the same section (see "Next payment 2 of 12" in the example below).

To cancel your subscription, click "Cancel plan"

And to check on your past payments and receipts, you can also see that in the table at the bottom (right below where "Cancel plan" is located in the example above).

If you have questions about your subscription, please contact your course instructor for assistance.

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