Change your course style (colors, typography, and logo)

Use the Style feature to change your course design (colors, typography, and logo)

The Style section can be accessed in the "Manage Course" menu under "Content" — Not sure where to find the "Manage Course" menu? Follow the first steps listed here.

How to Update Your Course Style

The settings on the Style page will affect how your course appears to your students. 

You can choose from one of several pre-set color schemes and typography (font) styles. Click on a new color or font and see the preview on the right change instantly!

Scroll down a bit and you can also add a course banner and a course logo.

The course banner is a rectangular image that appears in the top-left of your course navigation bar (and will show for your students as well).

It will replace the name of your course as shown here:

Tip: Ideally upload 768px x 147px. Larger images will be resized. Smaller images won't be altered.

The course logo will be the image located on your "My Courses" page as well as your sales page (and will also show for your students as well).

Tip: We recommend uploading a square 300 x 300px image.

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