View student details, payments, and progress

Use the Students feature to view student details, payments, and progress

The Students section can be accessed in the "Manage Course" menu under "Student Support" — Not sure where to find the "Manage Course" menu? Follow the first steps listed here.

Student Management Overview

Here you can:

  • View all of the students enrolled in your course
  • View signup dates
  • View payment records
  • View how the student registered (Price Point, Invitation)
  • Enable/Revoke course access
  • Cancel Stripe subscriptions
  • Refund payments
  • View student progress

You can also download this information by clicking the "Download CSV" link:

If you have a long list of students, use the search and filter options:

For more detailed information on each student, click on their row and you'll see a more comprehensive view slide out from the right of your screen. 

You can remove the student's access to the course from this screen as well by using the Access toggle.

In this detailed view, you'll see 3 tabs: Payments, Progress, and Profile. 

Payments is where you can see all of the payment information for each student with options to view payment details in Stripe (if using that integration), cancel payment plans and subscriptions, and issue refunds. 

On the Progress tab, you can view the progress your student has made on specific course lessons. 

Note: Your students' progress will only be tracked if they mark the lesson complete.

On the Profile tab, you can view your student's signup date and bio if they have one written.

Note: If you're looking for your students' discussion comments and posts, you can find them in the Student View of the course by clicking "People" to find a comprehensive list of your students, their progress, and their participation in the course.

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