Review and respond to your students' submitted assignments

Use the Review Assignments feature to review and respond to your students' submitted assignments

The Review Assignments section can be accessed in the "Manage Course" menu under "Student Support" — Not sure where to find the "Manage Course" menu? Follow the first steps listed here.

How to Review Assignments

On this page, you will see a list of all students in your course who have submitted assignments that you have created. It will display their name, the lesson from where the assignment is located, how many answers they've provided, the date and time they submitted the assignment, and the status of the assignment (pending your review, approved, or rejected).

To view each assignment, click on the student row and you'll be brought to a detailed view of the assignment, where you can send the student feedback and reject or approve their submission:

Once you have completed your review, click the "Save & Send feedback" button at the bottom and your student will receive an email notification with their response(s), your feedback, and the status of the assignment (whether it was approved or rejected). 

There will also be a "View assignment" button at the bottom of the email where they can view the same information inside the course.

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