Change how students access your content by changing the course type

Learn how to change between the course types which affects how the content will be released to students.

Use the Course Type feature to select how your course content will be delivered to your students

The Course Type section can be accessed in the "Settings" section of the "Manage Course" menu (under "Actions") — Not sure where to find the "Manage Course" menu? Follow the first steps listed here.

How to Select or Change Your Course Type

For more information on each of the 3 course types Ruzuku offers, start here.

  1. Click on "Change course type" in the Course Settings
  2. The default course type is Full Access, meaning your students will have access to all of the course content as soon as they begin your course. You can leave it as is if you want to keep it at this course type.

  3. If you prefer a Drip-Released Program instead, select one of the two options (Calendar-Based Release or Individual Release) and click "Set module scheduling."

    Note: You can come back and change the course type at any time, so you can give your selection a try and see how you like it! You can always change your mind later.

Want more details on which course type to choose? Check out this resource next!

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