Delete a course

This article is for the new version of Ruzuku. Click here for the instructions for the legacy version.

Please bear in mind that deleting a course is irrevocable! There's no undo and no going back.

Important Note: If any students have an active subscription or payment plan in your course, you must remove them from the course (to cancel their subscription or payment plan) before deleting the course. Otherwise, their billing will continue, even if the course is deleted from your account.

So make absolutely sure you want to delete the course before following these instructions!

How to Delete a Course

To delete a course, find the course in your "My Courses" page.

Click on the gear icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the course card:

The course management box will appear.

Look to the last column on the right titled Action and you will see the last option will say Delete Course.

Click Delete Course.

A confirmation window will appear.

Type the word DELETE in all caps just as it appears. 

Press Delete Course.

Your course is now deleted.

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