Test the payment and enrollment process

It's always a good idea to test the payment and enrollment process flow to be sure everything is set up correctly as soon as your course is published and enrollment is open.

Tip: Ask a friend or associate to perform the test for you. Or, you can perform this test in a private browser window, using an email address other than the one your Ruzuku account is registered with.

Ruzuku will prevent a course instructor (guide) from paying for his/her own course and will direct you to the course editor instead. Here are instructions for opening a private browser window in Chrome and Firefox.

How to Test Your Payment Process

  1. Set up a test price point through your Stripe and/or PayPal integration that you would like to test at $1.00 before you begin the test, or the person testing will be asked to pay the full cost of the price point being tested.
  2. Using the enrollment link for the test price point (click on the price point name, and then on the "Copy checkout link" — see the screenshot below), open an anonymous browser (Firefox) or incognito window (Chrome), and enter the test enrollment link into the browser.

  3. Using an email address other than the one you use for your guide account, fill out the fields in the enrollment form to enroll in the course. 
  4. Complete the checkout process (Stripe and/or PayPal), using the payment method you are testing.

When these steps are finished, your course enrollment and payment process as a student in your course have been completed.

Check to make sure that everything worked the way you wanted it to, and make changes if needed. You can run the test multiple times, as long as each test using an email address that has not previously registered for the course.

Be sure to archive your test price point once you've finished testing the payment and enrollment process.

Received an Error Message?

If you receive an error message that says "Security Header Invalid", check your PayPal and/or Stripe integration information. Something is wrong there.

Something else went wrong? If you're not sure how to proceed or don't know what went wrong, email us at support@ruzuku.com. We're happy to help!

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