Offer discounts and free trials using coupons

Offering Discounts and Free Trials with Ruzuku Coupons

The Coupons section can be accessed in the "Manage Course" menu  — Not sure where to find the "Manage Course" menu? Follow the first steps listed here.

How to create a Coupon

  1. First, you will need to create a paid (non-free) price point (learn how here)
  2. Next, click on the "Create your first coupon" button

  3. You'll fill out each section of the coupon setup, starting off with creating a code for the coupon. This can be a collection of letters and numbers (without a space). For example, you can use the code "100OFF" for a 100% off coupon.

  4. Then, you'll decide if you want your coupon to be a percentage off the price point (example: 50%) or a dollar/currency amount off (example: $50). There are many types of currencies to choose from:

  5. You have the option to apply the coupon to the first payment or you can apply it to a number of payments or all payments (for payment plans and subscriptions). For a single payment price point, you can leave it as the default "First payment" option.

  6. You also have the option of enabling a free trial for however many days you wish (the student will not be charged until the free trial is over).And you can also click on "Configure signup limits (optional)" for additional restrictions if you want to add seat limits, a start date, and/or an expiration date for this coupon.

  7. You'll then select the price point(s) you've already created that you want this coupon to be applied to.

  8. Click the "Create Coupon" button and you're all set!
  9. Once your coupon is created, you'll see a link to the coupon checkout page that automatically applies the coupon, which you can share with prospective students. If you prefer to send your students to the sales page, they can input the coupon code you created upon checkout.

    Note: You cannot delete a coupon. You can, however, archive it and it will no longer be active.

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