Change or delete a price point

Once you have created a price point, it's not possible to delete it. It is possible to change some of the settings, but not all.

You can change a few price point characteristics, even after saving it: price point name, whether payments will be taken with Stripe and/or PayPal, any optional price point limits you want.

Made a mistake on the price, or something else not changeable? 

Archive the price point and begin again! Just click on the name of the price point, and you'll see the red Archive button. 

Changed your mind? You can "un-archive" archived price points by clicking on "Show archived price points."

They'll display with the "archived" label.

Then click the "Activate" button to move the price point back to active status.

Important note: You'll want to be sure you remove any archived or outdated price points you no longer want to use from your sales page and then create a new price point(s) with your updated price(s).

Just changing the text of the price point by typing the new price on the sales page won't work (because each price point is tied to that specific price point's checkout page).

To successfully swap out an old price point for a new one, you'll first want to remove the old price point by clicking the trash icon.

And then click on the "+ Add Price" button to select your new price point(s) to add in.

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