Add a single student to a course (Pro)

As an Administrator, you can add a student to a course without having to send an invitation. Please note that these instructions allow you to add an existing User to a Course. If the User does not already exist in your Pro Site, you will need to create a new account for them by creating a new user

  1. Click on your Account Icon. Then click on Manage Site:
  2. Click the Courses menu.
    1. Use the search function to find the course to which the student will be added. Click on the course name.
  3. In the details section of the course page, click on Add a Student
    1. Search for the student's email or name.
  4. Add the student to the course by clicking on their name and confirming the addition to the course. 
  5. The student is now enrolled in the course. 

Note: Any students added to the course via this method are always free. They do not have any price point information associated with the enrollment and will show up in your course list as External Payment or Invitation.

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